Aluminium Foil Recycling In Barton Stacey with the Magpie Community Recycling Project

Residents in Barton Stacey can now recycle aluminium foil in the village at the Local Recycling Centre at The Green, Roberts Road. This new foil collection bin initiative is run by the Magpie Community Recycling Project (which is part of Andover Day Services) working with the Environmental Service at Test Valley Borough Council.

Why Bother to Recycle Aluminium Foil?  There are many benefits to recycling foil:

  • Environmental. Recycling aluminium protects the environment in a number of important ways – it uses less energy and water; it reduces CO2 emissions; and it avoids the need for mining aluminium ore.
  • Financial. All the money raised by the sale of the foil, goes to the Magpie Community Recycling project where it is used to cover the costs of sorting and dealing with it.  The group also uses some of the money to pay for group social activities.
  • Practical   Metal  (like aluminium foil) is an ideal material for recycling as it can be recycled again and again.

What can be collected?  All clean aluminium foil can be recycled: foil trays, pie cases, the lids to yoghurt and other dairy products and household wrapping foil.  Please note that plastic film such as crisp packets, pet food pouches and chocolate wrappers are not aluminium foil – they are plastic wrapping.  How do you tell the difference?  Plastic foil wrapping spring back when it is scrunched in the palm of your hand – but aluminium foil can be scrunched up into a ball.

Did you Know? “World wide the aluminium industry uses as  much electric power as the entire continent of Africa!”  Lester Brown – [Eco Economy]

For more information contact the Recycling Team at Test Valley Borough Council on 01264 368000 or see the Test Valley Borough Council website at